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     June 26, 2023
dark2 Time :
          01:00 PM CST


Many customers have primarily set their focus on enforcing access controls and authorizations to mitigate SAP security risks. This siloed approach with inflexible controls does not account for the dynamically evolving SAP threat landscape. In this session, Pathlock will show practical attack scenarios that lead to system manipulation, data breach, or loss of control, which are not covered by traditional SoD controls.

We will have a short demonstration on how to plan, implement, and continuously monitor with cutting-edge vulnerability management and threat detection solutions in Pathlock’s Application Security Suite to overcome the rapidly expanding SAP threat landscape.


Join us to learn how Pathlock's Application Security Suite automates vulnerability management, threat detection and response, code profiling, dynamic data masking, and transport scanning to comprehensively reduce your SAP system's attack surface at both the application and system level.


         Anand Kotti                                                 

         Director of Solution Engineering                                                             



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