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   December 07, 2022
dark2 Time :
           10:00 AM CST


"Hey, PeopleSoft. Give Chuck a raise. Submit my leave request. Approve that expense request. Drop that class. Upload this document." What if your PeopleSoft system were smart enough to help your users help themselves? Intuitively knowing the information they need through the simplest of interactions. Intelligently surfacing content and executing transactions based on who they are and what they do. With the latest innovations, PeopleSoft is a highly capable, cohesive, collaborative enterprise platform.


Join us for this session to explore the "art of the possible". We'll discuss and demonstrate ways to revolutionize how your PeopleSoft users interact and collaborate with your applications, your data, and each other. We’ll show you how chatbots, digital assistants, eForms, dashboards, and portals can all respond dynamically to each user; improving productivity, increasing user satisfaction, and changing the nature of “work”.


       Scott Antin

       VP of Business Development

       Gideon Taylor


       Scott Livingston

       VP of Marketing

       Gideon Taylor


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