dark_blue_date Date: 
     June 27, 2023
dark2 Time :
          08:00 AM CST


How do you track user activity in your SAP environment in real time?

Capturing detailed logs of user activity across your SAP environment can be tedious and costly. Manual processes often produce data that is stale, corrupted, and out-of-date. Ensuring that your reports include real-time production data is invaluable for companies.

In this webinar, listen as Richard Butt, SAP Team Leader from Linklaters, and Issac Kimmel, Product Manager at Pathlock, discuss how they solved business risks using detailed user analytics that helped them gather, compress, and store data in real time.



         Richard Butt                                                 

         SAP Team Leader                                                            



         Isaac Kimmel                                                 

         Product Manager                                                            



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