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     June 28, 2023
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          08:00 AM CST


How do you catch user data as quickly and efficiently as possible?

In many situations, onboarding staff needs to happen as fast as possible within an organization. With this, new users need to quickly have access to logins, account sharing, and private company data. But while this is happening, an organization also needs to stay compliant and ensure that their data is safe. Without adequate IT tools to help you manage this process, as well as the complex environments this data is held in, it can be almost impossible to track all data and stay compliant.


In this upcoming webinar, join Harald Hildebrand from Siemens, an Information Technology Leader, as he talks about how Siemens was able to avoid common audit pitfalls by using automated tools that help P2P compliance frameworks and are essential for advanced monitoring during even the busiest of times.


         Harald Hildebrand                                          

         Information Technology Leader                                                           



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