dark_blue_date Date: 
   December 08, 2022
dark2 Time :
           11:00 AM CST


We all know audits can be rushed and time consuming. From searching through old records, to referencing last years events, audits can be overwhelming. Additionally - executives often need re-assurance, especially as you move to the cloud. How can you and your team provide the needed answers while setting realistic expectations?


This presentation will look at these questions, topics will include:

  • Assessing (& Understanding) your Current ERP Security
  • Tracking Segregation of Duties • Risk Evaluation – how does it work
  • Audit Reporting – what are the “standards”
  • Automating Controls (eg User Provisioning)
  • Working across Multiple Systems (eg EBS, SAP, Ariba, Salesforce etc)
  • Satisfying the Business by providing Efficiency & Control • Planning Remediation


       Mike Ward

       VP of GRC Systems



       Preston Leftwich

       Technical Manager



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