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     June 27, 2023
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          09:00 AM CST


How do you ensure that a large number of end users have the access they need within your system while still staying compliant?

This was the problem Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) was facing. Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) needed to provide up to 30,000 end users with the ability to create and approve expense reports via mobile devices, outside of their firewall network. The biggest hurdle HMH faced in this deployment was how to ensure the users were properly authenticated upon login on their mobile devices. To solve this problem HMH and SpearMC turned to Pathlock, and within two weeks they were able to add in a Mult-Factor Authentication (MFA) system that satisfied HMH’s strict information security requirements.


Join this session to hear HMH and SpearMC expand upon this use case and  how businesses can use a PeopleSoft MFA solution to ensure absolute compliance within their systems.


         Randall Johnson | Vice President | SpearMC Consulting                                             

         Gary Wilhelm | Business Applications | Hackensack Meridian Health         

         Greg Wendt | Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock   


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