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     March 02, 2023
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     08:00 AM CST / 03:00 PM CET


Although many corporations spend millions of dollars on SAP, many do not know which licenses are being consumed nor do they know which licenses are required for each user. SAP is one of the most expensive software systems in the market, yet many organizations still treat their SAP licensing like a black box; they see it in terms of input and output without any knowledge of how it works. It is shocking to find that so many corporations feel their SAP licensing as an invincible force which they are powerless against.

For this reason, many SAP customers have misconceptions about how to optimize their SAP investment. If you have made these statements in the past or currently feel this way, then you are mistaken.


Join Pathlock along with our partner TIMETOACT as we discuss a tool that can help you simplify and reduce the cost of your SAP license spending.


         Mike Ward                                           

         VP of GRC Systems                                                     



         Dr. Jan Hachenberger                                          

         Head of Performance Strategy                                                  


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