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     June 26, 2023
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          08:00 AM CST


Typically, an SAP customer manages the risks to its business processes by operating and monitoring a portfolio of controls. These controls are designed to prevent or mitigate undesired outcomes, so validating that the controls are working should usually be sufficient.

But how confident can we really be that those or other undesirable outcomes are not occurring or have not occurred? How do we gain comfort that the integrity of our business processes, systems, and data is intact? How do we generate the context required to make sense of the information we get from our monitoring tools and easily identify significant exceptions?

In this session, we learn how Serco has developed a context-generating methodology, coined “user intelligence,” to create radical insight across a range of controls areas.


Attend this session to:

  • Explore the 3 key questions at the heart of user intelligence and how these have been used to drive one key data and analytics strategy around controls
  • Discover some of the use cases in which user intelligence amplifies the value of the existing and identify new controls
  • Learn how to start and drive your user intelligence journey


         Gerald West                                                   

         Head of Security & Controls Assurance                                                             



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