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   December 05, 2022
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           08:00 AM CST


What are some ways you can integrate all elements of your security for your business-critical ERP systems?

In this webinar, we will look not only at the application-configured controls and access controls, but also how to work with your information security functions to better secure your processes, systems and data.

Join us to explore SAP’s example of the Secure Operations map and how those elements work in conjunction with each other to improve security of this critical ERP. We will discuss which stakeholders need to be involved and how to align with the CISO and their organization to achieve the best outcomes across the people, processes and technology involved.


In this session we will discuss:

  • What’s involved in securing SAP end-to-end; whether you’re contracting under SAP RISE, hosting with a hyperscaler or self-hosting on-premise.
  • How to use the Secure Operations Map to your advantage to bring internal stakeholders on the journey to achieve better security
  • How to gain control assurance over all aspects of ERP security, even when a third party (e.g. Hyperscaler/SAP) is meant to be managing the security of the hosted landscape
  • Practical steps to understand and then improve your organization’s risk posture across the ERP deployment


       Andrew Morris

       Director of Application and Cyber Security

       Turnkey Consulting


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