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     December 7, 2023
dark2 Time :
          02:00 PM CST


Join us for an informative session on Pathlock Cloud - a cutting-edge platform for Unified Application Access Lifecycle Management, which incorporates two pivotal components: Application Access Governance and Continuous Controls Monitoring. In an era where data breaches and compliance violations are on the rise, ensuring robust security and compliance measures for your organization's critical applications is paramount. Our platform offers an integrated and comprehensive solution to tackle these challenges effectively.

During this session, you'll gain valuable insights into the strategic role of Application Access Governance in streamlining access management, minimizing risks, and optimizing user privileges. Learn how to design, implement, and maintain a secure and compliant access management framework, enhancing security while ensuring regulatory adherence. Furthermore, we'll delve into the significance of Continuous Controls Monitoring, demonstrating how real-time monitoring and automated risk assessment can empower your organization to proactively identify and rectify access-related issues, providing a significant boost to your security posture.


Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of Application Access Lifecycle Management and its potential to revolutionize your organization's approach to security and compliance.


         Carrie Curry | VP of Product Management | Pathlock                                                


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