Greg Wendt
Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock

Imagine a world where PeopleSoft users can come and go (whether continuous or seasonal) without the added strain on IT. Imagine getting up to 50% of your team’s time back to tackle strategic projects.

Automated user onboarding and provisioning allows organizations to streamline the implementation of new accounts and access privileges - but many PeopleSoft customers feel compelled to create home grown solutions or execute this entire process manually. Both of which add complexity and can lead to inconsistent policies.

Advances in PeopleSoft IAM/IGA technology are helping to simplify the user onboarding process; effectively freeing up time otherwise allocated to customization. This approach integrates your identity system of record (ex. Activity Directory) and PeopleSoft with a cloud-based Identity Governance solution, designed to automate secure access that’s seamlessly compatible with all organizational policies.

Join Pathlock’s resident PeopleSoft expert, Greg Wendt, as he demonstrates how Pathlock can make your onboarding and offboarding processes more intuitive and compliant.



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