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Product Marketing Manager | Pathlock


Rajesh Rengarethinam
VP of Product Management | Pathlock


Effectively managing data security in business-critical SAP systems requires a comprehensive approach that involves implementing dynamic access controls and robust data governance policies. Considering the constantly evolving regulatory compliance and cyber threat landscape, SAP’s static role-based access control (RBAC) authorization model fails to manage access controls and data governance policies in an adaptable manner to sufficiently secure sensitive data. To protect valuable SAP data effectively and prevent costly breaches, organizations must implement dedicated data governance and security controls built on an attribute-based access control (ABAC) authorization model.
Join Pathlock for a webinar that explores and demonstrates the capabilities of Dynamic Access Controls, as well as how an ABAC authorization model enables a fine-grained data governance strategy to drive unparalleled data security for SAP. Specifically, Our SAP experts will provide attendees insights into:
  • icons  The importance of implementing optimized data security controls to protect sensitive SAP data against exploit by internal and external threats.
  • icons  Best practices for implementing Dynamic Access Controls built on an ABAC authorization model to standardize and scale adaptable data governance policies.
  • icons  How these robust data governance policies and data security controls streamline regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements like ITAR, GDPR, EAR, SOX, NERC, FISMA, PCI DSS, CCPA, the FTC Safeguards Rule, and the SEC Cyber Rule.
  • icons  Real-world use cases illustrating the effectiveness of Dynamic Access Controls and ABAC to secure sensitive SAP data and granularly govern user access.


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