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     December 7, 2023
dark2 Time :
          01:00 PM CST


In most companies today, the decision-making power, accountability, and work effort for identifying risk as well as maintaining and executing compliance processes is performed by a small centralized group of people, usually in Security or IT Departments. This presents a problem of significant workloads and responsibility being placed on the shoulders of employees who might not have the capacity, business knowledge or insight to cover all Risk Remediation and compliance responsibilities.

Join this session as Customer Advisory Group takes a detailed look at how customers can distribute the accountability, decision making power, and effort across your organization using GRC functionality to empower the business and strengthen your Compliance program.  We will also take a detailed look into the best practices customers should be attempting to attain when it comes to placing the compliance accountability and participation in the “Business" where it belongs, rather than solely on the shoulders of "Security or IT".  To support these best practices, this session will highlight GRC software capabilities that foster and facilitate functional owners, business representatives, and middle management to participate in Compliance reporting, approvals, and GRC sustainment activities.



         James Roeske | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Customer Advisory Group                                                 

         Jamie Frame | Partner and COO | Customer Advisory Group                                                           


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