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     December 5, 2023
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          02:00 PM CST


In higher education students are providing highly sensitive data to schools on a daily basis. Such was the case for Massachusetts Bay Community College (MassBay).  And as such it was  imperative that they have a solution to keep all that sensitive data safe and compliant. For years to control, monitor, and access this data MassBay has been using a Single Sign-On solution (SSO), and while this is a good solution they realized over time they needed to expand this solution for shared accounts while managing and securing accounts with even higher access. The solution? Privileged Access Management (PAM).

By using PAM, MassBay is now able to closely monitor privileged user sessions inside PeopleSoft and align activities to specific identities while better understanding who is accessing the sensitive data in their system and limit the exposure to risk.


Join this session with Dustin Greenfield, Director of Administrative Computing at MassBay Community College, and Greg Wendt, Executive Director of Security Solutions from Pathlock, as they talk about the story behind why MassBay chose to expand beyond an SSO solution into PAM, why this is often  necessary, and how this comprehensive solution can provide access to, monitor, and control privileged users through features like dynamic MFA at the field level, transaction monitoring, and activating logging.


         Dustin Greenfield | Director of Administrative Computing | MassBay Community College                                                

         Greg Wendt | Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock                                                       


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