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     December 5, 2023
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          12:00 PM CST


A migration to S/4HANA is a complex undertaking and often times clients aren't aware of the different deployment options and the pros and cons for their specific business case. If pre-requisite workstreams are not taken into account in advance of the S/4 upgrade, such as project governance, data quality, organizational change management, and application security to name a few, costly setbacks may occur. During a recent S/4HANA upgrade at one of North America's largest engineering and construction companies, Protiviti's client was able to make strategic decisions that best fit their business while also producing a roadmap of pre-implementation activities to help set them up for a successful project.


Join us for this session at the Pathlock Innovation Series as security expert Steve Apel from Protiviti talks about this issue and the best strategy for avoiding risk during your S/4HANA migration.


         Steve Apel | Director in Enterprise Application Solutions | Protiviti                                                              


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