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     December 6, 2023
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         12:00 PM CST


Do you know how to holistically prevent cyber attacks within your SAP system?

In our upcoming series of webinars, we will delve into how to address the growing sophistication of attacks and the need for corresponding countermeasures. As cyber attacks continue to advance, incorporating multiple layers of actions, organizations must enhance their security measures accordingly. We will explore the importance of adopting sophisticated countermeasures to effectively mitigate these evolving threats.

Moreover, we will emphasize the significance of defining a company strategy based on the knowledge and expertise of security experts, rather than relying solely on departmental solutions.


Join this session to learn how your organization can gain valuable insights and tools to fortify your SAP systems, ensuring a comprehensive and robust security posture. With a holistic approach, your organization can effectively identify and address vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and safeguard critical business processes and data from the increasingly sophisticated threats targeting SAP systems.


         Raphael Kelbert | Product Management- Threat Detection & Response | Pathlock                         

         Clemens Guetter | Product Management- Vulnerability Management | Pathlock


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