dark_blue_date Date: 
     December 7, 2023
dark2 Time :
          12:00 PM CST


How do you detect potential availability and performance issues before the end user experiences it?

Synthetic Monitoring enables people to be proactive in their monitoring and helps developers and operators prevent issues before they even happen. With this capability available within OCI’s Observability & Management framework you can use this tool on any cloud or on-premise environment to quickly and efficiently run scheduled monitors that will simulate user transactions on the application on any server or host helping you to view an overview of your dashboard and collect and view metrics as they happen.


Join this session as Graham Smith from Version 1, explains why the use of Synthetic Monitoring is important, how to use it to monitor your applications and improve service levels to all customers.


         Graham Smith | Head of PeopleSoft Technology | Version 1                                               


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