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     December 6, 2023
dark2 Time :
          01:00 PM CST


In the ever-changing financial landscape, understanding and effectively managing risks is paramount. Join this session as we explore the crucial domains of Risk Quantification and Transaction Monitoring. We will delve into the intricacies of Risk Quantification, providing you with the tools and methodologies necessary to measure, assess, and mitigate risk in your financial operations.

The second part of the session focuses on Transaction Monitoring, a critical aspect of risk management. Learn how to implement advanced monitoring techniques that identify suspicious activities and enhance the security of your financial transactions. Whether you're a financial professional, IT security, risk manager, or compliance officer, this session is your gateway to staying proactive and safeguarding your operations in a complex financial landscape. 


Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights that can make a significant difference in your risk management strategy.


         Susan Stapleton | VP, Customer Advisory | Pathlock                                                

         Kyle Benson | Senior Director of Product Marketing- Cybersecurity | Pathlock


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