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     June 27, 2023
dark2 Time :
          12:00 PM CST


In a business landscape that includes remote access, the security layers that separate bad actors from your business data have never been more blurred. Plus, with an ever-increasing need for custom development in your SAP systems, keeping up with security patches can be extremely challenging. Needless to say, focusing your efforts on the network perimeter is not nearly enough, as application and data layer security risks are just as prevalent.

So how do you avoid security risks when traffic inside your network can create as many risks as traffic outside the perimeter? The answer comes in having a dynamic, multi-layered solution that can address all of your core security needs simultaneously.


Join us for this webinar, where attendees will hear from top security expert Greg Wendt from Pathlock on how you can expand your SAP security strategy to layers below the network to include vulnerability management, dynamic authorization (zero trust), and data loss prevention - all from a single platform.


         Greg Wendt                                                 

         Executive Director Security Solutions                                                             



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