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   December 05, 2022
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Organizations striving to improve compliance, while simultaneously controlling the cost of that compliance face a three-fold challenge: 1) Where should they invest? 2) How much should they invest? and 3) How will the right investment get funded?

The challenge is even harder for companies running SAP. First, the application landscape is changing as companies move to SAP S/4HANA. The application landscape is also becoming more diverse with a greater mix of applications and a greater mix of delivery platforms with some applications remaining on-premise, others embedded into SAP’s ABAP platform, others moving to the cloud, and others only available in the cloud. In addition to the application landscape, data security mandates are escalating. Data is both a more valuable asset than ever before thanks to data driven processes, services, and products and a greater liability than ever before thanks to GDPR and other regulatory conditions. And perhaps most vexing, the threat landscape has changed. Tool-kits to attack SAP are proliferating across the web and nation states are funding bad actors. Yet, none of these change the profitability targets faced by companies which constrain IT, audit, and others concerned about risk from making the right investments early enough to avoid fines, breaches, fraud, or material misstatements.


However, funding can be justified and a carefully constructed business case can unlock investments for the right projects. Join us as we dive into critical success factors for effectively articulating business objectives and establishing a strong ROI for your SAP access governance projects.

We’ll help you communicate how investing in SAP Access Governance will:

  • Lower the cost structure of IT and Helpdesks
  • Streamline delivery of core business processes
  • Enable security and reduce both compliance and operational risk
  • Support the strategic objectives your leadership cares most about


       Stephen DuBravac

       EVP Marketing



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