dark_blue_date Date: 
     June 26, 2023
dark2 Time :
          09:00 AM CST


How do you ensure that user access in your PeopleSoft system is completely secure?

There are a myriad of access risks that can happen in an organization with a large staff. As such, many organizations now require Single Sign On (SSO) & Data Masking solutions for their teams to avoid security risks and stay compliant.

Join this webinar as Allen & Overy shares their story on how they solved a business risk through the enablement of Single Sign On using Azure AD authentication within PeopleSoft.


In this webinar they will discuss how this solution helped them:

  • Mirror a user’s access making it easier to control and avoid security risks
  • Strengthened user testing without having to distribute passwords
  • Enhanced auditing changes made to the systems when someone is acting on behalf of another


         Varghese George                                                 

         HR Systems Applications Manager                                                             

         Allen & Overy                                                              


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