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     June 26, 2023
dark2 Time :
          11:00 AM CST


The interconnectedness of objectives, risks, and controls requires 360° contextual awareness of risk and control. Organizations must see the intricate relationships and impacts of objectives, risks, processes, and controls. It requires holistic visibility and intelligence into risk and resilience.

An enterprise view of risk necessitates an enterprise view of controls. You cannot have one without the other. Organizations are best served to take an enterprise and automated approach to internal control management across business systems and processes. This enables the organization to achieve a more mature enterprise and operational risk management program that supports business objectives and is integrated with decision-making processes.


Attendees of this panel will learn how a common internal control management strategy, process, and technology architecture supports overall internal control management activities and continuous automated enforcement from the user and process level up through an enterprise view to mitigate a range of enterprise risks.


         Michael Rasmussen | The GRC Pundit & Analyst | GRC 20/20                         

         Keri Bowman | Senior Director of Product Marketing | Pathlock

         Mike Puterbaugh | Chief Marketing Officer | Pathlock

         Harald Hildebrand | Head of SAP Compliance | Siemens


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