dark_blue_date Date: 
     June 28, 2023
dark2 Time :
          10:00 AM CST


In this webinar, Pathlock will provide insights on how their Security Dashboards can help decision-makers at all levels to transparently represent their risk situation and derive subsequent activities. The focus will be on the holistic consideration of regular point-in-time parameter checks in combination with real-time threat detection.

For more and more companies, the holistic overview of the current risk situation and the representation of information is becoming an increasing challenge. Management views on the current risk situation and its changes over time, as well as detailed worklists and guidance for subsequent actions, are needed. All of this in the face of increasingly diverse stakeholders in enterprise-wide security teams.

Get all security-relevant activities at a glance to stay one step ahead of potential threats and make more informed decisions.


Webinar highlights:

  • How dashboards transparently visualize changes in the risk situation
  • Learnings for the introduction of successful SAP Security Dashboards
  • Best practice approach to risk minimization for SAP systems.


         Raphael Kelbert                                                 

         Product Manager                                                            



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