Pathlock provides an Enterprise Business Controls Automation platform, which GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated, that can manage controls, monitor activity, quantify impact of risk, and automatically remediate risks across a breadth of 140+ systems, dozens of processes, and billions of transactions.

Organizations are most likely to move to the Pathlock platform because they found that their manual, document-centric approaches took too many resources to administer, only addressed specific areas of internal control in specific business systems, did not give them visibility into controls across systems, and generally provided opportunities for risks to slip through the cracks.

Download GRC 20/20’s evaluation, research, and interactions with Pathlock to learn about:

  • How Pathlock transforms your manual processes that rely on documents, spreadsheets, data warehouses and emails
  • Why organizations choose Pathlock as a single integrated platform to standardize, automate, and manage internal control monitoring and reporting processes
  • How Pathlock can be used for internal control monitoring in a specific ERP environment, to monitoring cross-application controls in a complex environment
  • How Pathlock can reduce your operational costs, streamlines GRC processes, and improves the quality of your internal control management, monitoring, and reporting processes.


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