GRC teams are stretched, and their scope of responsibility continues to grow. In traditional areas of GRC, changing business models and regulations are creating new challenges. However, security threats have risen to the top as a driver for GRC strategy. GRC professionals are now tasked with playing a role in security risk assessment and threat detection, and many are integrated within security teams. How are the best GRC organizations coping with changing priorities and growing challenges? 

Download this benchmark report to gain insights, discover top strategies, and learn best practices from GRC experts in the SAPinsider community. 

  • Learn about the top priorities for GRC teams at SAPinsider member organizations. 
  • Explore the investments that organizations are making in GRC technology. 
  • Understand how GRC drivers and requirements have changed over the last year. 
  • See what steps you can take to build an effective GRC strategy. 


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