Traditional IGA Solutions are Not Focused on Identifying Risk

Traditional identity governance solutions are focused on applying broad security policies across a wide variety of applications, but are not focused on addressing entitlement risk. This can lead to over-provisioned users, orphaned accounts, and significant blind spots for fraud and misuse of data.

Pathlock Cloud automates the full breadth of identity lifecycle management, with risk and compliance being the center of your governance focus. From initial new user creation and provisioning, through access changes and de-provisioning, Pathlock is continuously monitoring transaction activity and entitlement usage to ensure users have the access they require – nothing more and nothing less. Audits are supported by a full trail of who requested and approved a user’s access.

Pathlock Delivers Best-in-Class Governance with:

  • Fine-grained, cross-app SoD Analysis
  • Compliant provisioning throughout the joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle
  • Continuous monitoring of the use of entitlements for “can do” analysis.
  • Simulate the impact of security roles before production
  • Support for Elevated Access Management
  • Automation for Access Certifications with detailed user activity
  • Rich library of controls content, by application

Pathlock was named "The Overall Leader" by KuppingerCole Analyst

“Pathlock is executing on a well-thought-out roadmap and will add a range of further improvements to their platform, including AI-driven controls and application security features."

"The Pathlock platform is a leading-edge solution in the access control market for SAP and other LoB applications. While providing leading-edge support for SAP environments, its particular strength stems from the excellent support for a wide range of other LoB applications including the extended Oracle portfolio (EBS, Cloud ERP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards), thus serving the needs of customers running heterogeneous LoB application environments.”

- Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst



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