At Pathlock, we believe in offering you more. 

More protection, more control, and more peace of mind. And we invite you to compare our advanced SAP cybersecurity solution with Onapsis and discover why businesses are choosing Pathlock for their security needs.

Unbeatable Value and Accelerated Activation


Unbeatable Value and Accelerated Activation

Pathlock's modules cost 1/3 the price of Onapsis. And while Onapsis takes 6+ months to deploy, Pathlock activates in days, ensuring swift security insights and an expedited ROI.


Comprehensive Cross-Application Integration


Comprehensive Cross-Application Integration

Pathlock supports an impressive range of more than 30 line of business applications (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, PeopleSoft, etc.), while Onapsis is limited to SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.


Holistic Approach to ERP Security


Holistic Approach to ERP Security

Pathlock delivers an all-encompassing ERP security and controls automation platform, from Cybersecurity to AAG and CCM, while Onapsis only focuses on cybersecurity solutions.


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ABAP-Native Expertise

Pathlock's ABAP-native architecture integrates smoothly with SAP, ensuring enhanced functionality and solid data security within firewall boundaries, unlike Onapsis's cloud-hosted approach.


See the Pathlock Advantage

TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Pathlock_Logo-2 Rectangle
Ease of Configuration and Deployment Vector O_25 1
Affordability Vector Vector-3
Product Investment & Innovation Vector O_25 1
Time to Value ROI Vector Layer_1-2
ABAP-Native Architecture Vector Vector-3
Data Security Vector O_25 1
Cross-Application Support Vector Vector-3
OOTB Assessment and Detection Scans Vector Layer_1-2
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Threat Detection & Response Vector Layer_1-2
Data Masking Vector Vector-3
RBAC/ABAC Vector Vector-3


Pathlock Provides a More Robust, Efficient, and Trustworthy SAP Cybersecurity Solution for Your Business

The choice between Pathlock and Onapsis isn't just about feature lists or capabilities; it's about making a strategic decision that influences your organization's data integrity, security posture, and overall ROI.

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