The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing for SAPinsiders. Over the last five years organizations have gone from being able to rely on any system on a specific network being trusted, to a complex and hybrid ecosystem of solutions where completely new approaches to cybersecurity must be followed. Ransomware and malware attacks are top of mind for most organizations, but what does the SAPinsider community see as their biggest threats? Where are they encountering challenges? And what are they doing to protect their systems? 

Download the benchmark report to gain insights, see top strategies, and learn best practices from over 345 members of the SAPinsider community. 

  • Learn about what the biggest threats to SAP systems are today 
  • Explore the challenges that they are facing with their cybersecurity plans 
  • Understand what has changed over the least year from a cybersecurity perspective 
  • See what steps you can take to protect your own systems from cybersecurity attacks 



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